Sue was fantastic, she was very motivational and many people walked away with not only an awareness of the importance of healthy living, but also with things they can do to improve their lifestyle.

Vic Roads


  Sue was able to be versatile in her approach and willingness to chop and change as the audience did.  Sue was also the only successful person to Get the audience out of their seat which was no mean feat.

Thank you Sue was an inspiring talk which highlighted the importance of having goals and achieving these but also the importance to value a "normal" life as many of us feel we've not achieved as much by doing so.

Ms Bronwen Parkinson
Knox City Council


Sue added significantly to our conference and we would like to thank her sincerely for an excellent presentation done in a very professional way.

Sue put on an excellent presentation and did what we wanted her to do - make a presentation that was lively, involving the audience to the correct level and was entertaining and informative. The video of her 3rd world championship was amazing. The audience on the Saturday afternoon was the largest I can remember which is a credit to Sue.

Tony Spring
Conference Program Coordinator


On behalf of all at PolyPacific I would like to thank you very much for being our guest speaker I have had some great feedback from our guests who thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and video. I do hope that you were not inundated with people wishing to speak with you afterwards. Even though I had seen the video of your third world title previously, it was still extremely interesting to see what it takes to win. I only wish I was half as flexible as you are! You did well with your selection of Guinea-pigs up the front and they all took it in good spirit.

Thank you again for helping make it a great night.


    Thank you so much for all your great work!  You did a terrific job as MC and added enormously to the event.  I also think the rapport between you and Andrew Gaze was a delight.

Again, thanks so much for a great job and supporting the kids and Heart Foundation Jump Rope for Heart in its world record attempt!

Siobhan O'Neill
Media and Communications Manager



  • Sue was an excellent speaker, frank, open and willing to share many personal insights.
  • Rather unexpected!  I hadn't heard of Sue before but really enjoyed her speech - very inspiring and very timely for me personally.
  • Excellent addition to the program.
  • Very interesting speaker.  Sue has had an interesting life and put a different perspective on leadership.
  • Very pleased that we invited her.
  • Inspiring.
  • Very good change of pace.  Liked her story, learnings and style.
  • Good change / provided both interest and opened thinking about what next.
  • Always interesting to hear someone else's journey. 
  • Interesting to hear her version of work / life balance, 3rd person etc.

Sam Corbett
Mt Eliza Centre For Executive Education