Over Sue's media career you may have seen her on TV in commercials, commentating, presenting or being interviewed as a health / wellbeing expert. You may have in fact heard her on radio, or seen her in the papers and magazines. When the media need a comment or reference on any health / fitness related topic they tend to contact Sue for her expert opinion.

Sue Stanley currently promotes health and fitness through her weekly No 1 rating radio segment with Ernie Sigley on Melbourne radio station 3AW and Channel 7's Go For Your Life TV Show.

Some of Sue's past appearances on TV include:

  • 60 Minutes (1st sports interview ever)
  • A Current Affair
  • Channel 31 Morning Show
  • Cooking Shows
  • Footy Shows (AFL & ARL)
  • Good Morning Australia
  • Go For Your Life series
  • Hey Hey It's Saturday
  • Midday Shows (Keri-Anne, Ray Martin)
  • Morning Shows (Ernie & Denise)
  • New Channels, 7, 9, 19, 2
  • I'm Rex Hunt & your Not
  • Sports Tonight
  • Sunrise Channel 7
  • Today Tonight
  • Wide World of Sports
  • Sale of the Century