Is Sue still in Sport?

Sue no longer competes in professional sport - her role today is one of supporting:

Why be an Ambassador?

I have had a very fortunate life in terms of my sporting career and in particular my opportunity of traveling overseas and representing Australia. After retiring from competitive sport I decided that I would like to give something back to Australia and in particular local communities. My initial Ambassador role was centred on being an Australia Day Ambassador for the past 20 years and now a Life Ambassador. This role has also lead to different Ambassador roles including Variety the Children's Charity. Furthermore, in recognition of service to the community I have undertaken the role as a Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Ambassador - was a member of the Blue Ribbon Day Council for 12 years.

What is Sue's Community work?

Obviously being an Australia Day Ambassador I have made a numerous presentations and awards linked to Australia Day. On many occasions I have been approached to fulfill community roles for example, I have spoken to many local community groups in terms of health & wellbeing, I have also been actively involved in community leisure activities such as The Heart Foundation Jump Rope for Heart, HWT Run for the Kids, Great Victorian Bike Ride, Around the Bay in a Day, Lake Attack for the Australian Defence Force etc. Giving back to the community leaves me feeling quite fulfilled in terms of a big thank you for the opportunities I have had.

One of Sue's latest community programs was the initiation and participation in the highly successful Sue Stanley's / 3AW's Lose Weight in 08 Program. See the Health & Wellbeing section for this program. Another successful community program which Sue launched and is an unofficial Ambassador is for Diabetes Australia Vic - Diabetes Action Program.